Simonton's Pancakes

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Simonton's Pancakes

Postby elfismiles » Mon May 21, 2018 4:28 pm

Audio reflection on one of my all time favorite High Strangeness cases...


From Jerry Modjeski ...

UFO Update Vol. 8: Simonton’s Pancake/Alien Messages

Investigator Bill McNeff describes his meeting with Joe Simonton in 1961, after flying saucer occupants gave Joe pancakes. Jerry reads Jacques Vallee‘s Invisible College (excerpt); alien messages; movie & TV clips; Richard Dolan speaks on UFO government secrecy disclosure and Men in Black.


Also featuring the talents of Craig Lang (Mufon); Greg Bishop (Radio Mysterioso). Also La Sonorite Jaune, Peter Stenshoel (ambience). Above & beyond gratitude to Dr. Mario Pazzaglini; Bruce Buchanan; Mark Masyga; Chris Waterbury. ... -messages/


See also...

Project U.F.O. episode

“Sighting 4011: The Doll House Incident” Robert M. Leeds Robert Blees May 20, 1978
Strange alien beings offer a strange loaf of bread to Carl Youngstrom in exchange for a jug of water. The aliens want him to eat the lotus-shaped bread but he manages to save some as evidence. Loosely based on Joe Simonton and the Eagle River encounter.

NOTE the reference to "Observational Synchronistics" of Dr. Edward Benzinger at Wisconsin’s Daniel Institute of Technology – PsychoPhysiology Department

Why Was Joe Simonton Given Pancakes?
The question concerns one Joe Simonton, a Wisconsin chicken farmer near Eagle River who encountered a UFO landing on his property on April 18, 1961.

High Strangeness: Space Pancakes - The Anomalist
On April 18 1961, three humanoids in a silver craft landed in Eagle River, Wisconsin and gave Joe Simonton some pancakes. They didn't speak English, and all ...

Pancakes in Magonia - UFO Evidence ... asp?ID=972
The human being who had obtained the cake was Joe Simonton, ... of Health, Education and Welfare concluded that the material was an ordinary pancake of ...
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