Madsen: GOP homoerotic cabal and child predators

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Madsen: GOP homoerotic cabal and child predators

Postby darkbeforedawn » Fri Oct 27, 2006 12:01 pm

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br>October 27/28/29, 2006 -- Legitimate human and civil rights versus a secreted GOP homo-erotic cabal is the real social issue in this election. The GOP is hyping the New Jersey Supreme Court civil union ruling and anti-gay marriage initiatives in a number of states as reasons to boast about their fanciful chances of retaining control of the Congress. Nothing could be further from the truth. This election is about constant GOP lying and hypocrisy on the issues of the rights afforded to U.S. citizens regardless of sexual orientation.<br><br>According to senior Democratic sources in the House of Representatives, the Pagegate scandal is merely the "tip of the iceberg" of the predatory nature of a number of GOP congressmen, Bush administration officials, and senior staffers. The GOP is trying to make the claim that the House Ethics Committee, which it runs, is almost finished with its "investigation." However, senior Democrats in the House claim that there has been no "investigation," merely a cover-up to dowse the flames from a serious sex scandal days before the election.<br><br>Democrats point out that House Speaker Dennis Hastert's four top aides, his Chief of Staff Scott Palmer, his Deputy Chief of Staff Mike Stokke, Hastert liaison with the House Clerk's Office Ted Van Der Meid, and former House Clerk Jeff Trandahl have all been implicated in the House page scandal, along with the entire House GOP leadership and current and past Republican members of the House Page Board. <br><br> <br><br>The "cabal" expects America to vote for their continued predatory way of life. Send them a message that it will no longer be "business as usual."<br><br>Then there is the odd case of former Mark Foley and Tom Reynolds Chief of Staff Kirk Fordham, who came to Washington in his twenties and managed to nail the job of Chief of Staff to Foley, a position that is usually held by an older and more experienced Hill veteran. Before working for Foley, Fordham served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inhofe, who proudly claims that he never had any homosexuals in his family (until when?) Fordham testified about an incident that occurred in either 2002 or 2003 when a drunken Foley attempted to enter the page dorm. The question remains as whether Fordham was a witness to that incident and if so, what was he doing at the page dorm with Foley?<br><br>Fordham said that he "informed" top GOP aides of Foley's behavior with pages three years ago. But there is a big difference between making an official report and merely discussing Foley's conduct with peers over drinks. If there was an official complaint, there is certainly no record of it in the GOP-controlled House. And this is what concerns senior Democrats. The House Republican leadership has continually covered up sexual misconduct by its members and their staff.<br><br>Nevertheless, it is apparent that Fordham became a potential problem for Foley. Fordham left Foley's office in 2004 and became the Finance Director for Florida GOP Senator Mel Martinez's Senate campaign. He then secured a job with DCI Group, a lobbying and PR group that is closely connected to the Bush administration and has counted among its major clients Microsoft, AT&T, RJ Reynolds, and the military junta of Burma (which is also close to Dennis Hastert as previously reported by WMR). On October 4, 2005, Fordham was hired by Reynolds Chief of Staff at a salary of $38,837.30 per quarter (a not insignificant annual salary of $155,349.20/year). On top of that, Democratic House sources report that Reynolds placed Fordham on the payroll of his political action committee, TOMPAC, which was flush with money from Foley's dubious campaign coffers in Florida.<br><br>Democratic sources also report that the FBI was brought into the case by the GOP leadership to "silence everyone" about the case. And silence and cover-up is the order of the day. Foley quit and was quickly sent to the tres chic Sierra Tucson rehabilitation center in Arizona, which specializes in addictions and personality disorders. It has previously treated the likes of Whitney Houston, Ringo Starr, and Rob Lowe. In typical Rovian fashion, Foley's pederast conduct was blamed on a pedophile Catholic priest far away on the Maltese island of Gozo. Diversionary tactics. Fordham, according to his Richmond, Virginia-based attorney, is "away on vacation" after his "ordeal." <br><br>Everything and everyone are being "tidied up" neatly by the GOP, except for the damage inflicted on the House pages. A senior Democratic member of the House summed the scandal as a "homo-erotic network that extends from the House pages to the White House involving everybody's office." The congressman pointed out that the centers of the network are Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman and his one-time White House boss, Karl Rove. As far as Rove is concerned, the House member stated that he has been hiding behind two "beards" (wives that covered for his homosexuality) for years.<br><br>We can also report that well-informed House sources now report that another GOP member who will soon be caught up in "Foley-like" problems is GOP Rep. David Dreier of California. Using his powerful position as Rules Committee Chairman, Dreier has reportedly helped provide cover to Hastert and his staff for the GOP pederast network on Capitol Hill.<br><br>***<br><br>This election is about permitting the GOP pederast network to continue to run Washington with impunity. We have already seen the GOP pouring money into the Minnesota 6th Congressional District in support of far right Michele Bachmann against Patty Wetterling, whose 11-year old son Jacob was kidnapped 17 years ago by a masked gunman. The same ilk of predatory creatures now lurk with impunity in the Republican Party leadership at all levels: local, state, and federal. <br><br>The GOP and their North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and affiliated supporters do not want to see Ms. Wetterling using a US House of Representatives bully pulpit to ruin their cryptic and secretive life styles. That's why they are doing everything to ensure that Bachmann wins this particular seat. Ms. Wetterling is the pederasts' worst nightmare. There has never been a real champion for missing and abused children in Congress, especially someone who has personally experienced the personal and family trauma brought about by these lowest forms of humanity (the GOP had pederast Mark Foley as their co-chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children! If he was their best choice, just think who and what were the GOP's runners-up). <br><br><br><br>When you vote, just think about abducted 11-year old Jacob Wetterling.<br><br>As someone who investigated child abusers and predators in the US Navy as a temporary special agent for the Naval Investigative Service and FBI in 1982, I am making a very personal appeal to the readers of WMR to help Patty Wetterling's campaign in any way that you can. The threat from abusers and predators is very real and they exist in the highest echelons of our government. But these bottom feeders abhor the disinfectant of sunshine and resultant exposure. Only Patty Wetterling can bring that disinfectant to a Washington, DC that for too long has been the domain of sexual perverts, cretins, and pederasts -- 95 percent of whom have had the letter "R" next to their names.<br><br>***<br> <p></p><i></i>

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